Utah Passes ‘Abstinence-Only” Sex-Ed Bill

Sexual EducationLawmakers in Utah have passed a new bill this week that simply states that if sex education is going to be taught in schools that it must be abstinence-only. We all know how well abstinence works to stop young people from having sex.

Going even further, the ban also covers discussion of homosexuality and contraception in public schools.

Parents must opt-in for these abstinence only sex-ed classes and schools have the option to opt-out of teaching any sexual education at all.

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

A number of lawmakers, all Democrats, rose to speak against the bill Tuesday and ask questions. But Senate bill sponsor Sen. Margaret Datyon, R-Orem, refused to answer questions about the bill, saying “I think everybody basically knows where they are on this issue. Obviously, the senators may speak, but I don’t know that it’s going to be beneficial for me to try to debate or answer questions.”

Not really much room for debate huh?

There seems to be a huge religious cloud hanging over this legislation.