San Francisco Sees Increase in STDs

San Francisco Sees Rising STD Rates, More TestingAn increase of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in San Francisco is being reported by health officials say there is no cause for alarm. They state that it could just be the results of more men and women seeking STD testing in the San Francisco area.

San Francisco released its December STD report and that cases of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis are rising.

The largest increase is seen with rectal gonorrhea for gay men and men who have sex with other. 622 in 2011 were reported an increase of 29.8% over the previous year.

“Many people are asymptomatic” Kyle Bernstein of the Department of Public Health said. “So the more screening you do, the more you will find.

The report can lead to some alarm but it can also mean that STD prevention programs are working and more people in San Francisco are getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases. When you have more people getting tested then the effect is that more infections will be found.