Bonos ONE PSA: The End of AIDS

bonos-one-psa-the-end-of-aidsNo more cute kittens on Youtube? Charlie Sheen as president? The Chicago Cubs win the world series? Fax machines will make a comback? These are a few things that will probably not happen by the year 2015. Bono’s ONE released a youtube video PSA with many stars in it including Annalynne McCord, Ice T, Blythe Danner, and Alliison Janney. All the stars add their unlikely predictions for the upcoming years to illustrate that the end of AIDS that may have once been as unthinkable as their predictions is actually closer than people think.

You can support ONE by posting your crazy predictions for 2015 on Twitter or Facebook by tagging #ipredict to your update and adding a link to the PSA and petition.

The music is a jazz song by Nina Simone called Sinnerman released in 1965. The original and uncut version can be found below along with the ONE PSA.